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49m Ferris Wheel in Hangzhou, China

49m Ferris Wheel in Hangzhou, China

Hangzhou Amusement Park is a comprehensive theme park in the Yangtze River Delta area. It is located in the center of Xianghu Lake, with direct subway access and convenient transportation. The park, with dozens of thrilling large-scale amusement projects, children's amusement rides, and interactive performances such as flash shows and interactive street walks, is divided into themed areas such as Maya tribe, lost jungle, and adventure island.

On July 18, 2019, the 49 meters Hangzhou Ferris Wheel designed and manufactured by us was newly opened, and a special charity event was held. Dozens of beauticians in the city and their families were invited for free to enjoy the feast in the 360-degree full-view cabin. The park officials said: "The old Hangzhou Ferris wheel was officially retired in 2017. This brand-new Ferris wheel will also have a romantic light show at night, which can be customized for tourists." The rotating wheel is installed on a huge pillar. The cabin is beautiful in appearance and is made of aluminum alloy, which looks like a crystal pearl inlay pliers on the outer edge of the large wheel. Each cabin moves slowly with the rotation of the large wheel with the running speed of about 0.23 m/s. Due to the slow speed, passengers feel like staying on the ground and in the meanwhile enjoy the beautiful scenery of the city.


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