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88m Ferris Wheel The Eye of Taihe in Anhui, China

88m Ferris Wheel The Eye of Taihe in Anhui, China

Inside Taihe Global Carnival Amusement Park, one of our best-selling products- the 88 meters Ferris wheel is extremely popular with tourists of all ages. The design of the 88 meters Ferris wheel is perfectly combined with Taihe's natural scenery, human history, and customs. Known as the Eye of Taihe, the 88 meters Ferris wheel is currently the largest Ferris wheel in Anhui Province. It reaches a height of 108 meters, with up to 40 cabins. Each cabin accommodates 6 people. Seeing the beautiful county from another angle, passengers in the cabin slowly rise with the turning wheel. The Eye of Taihe attracts people’s attention from all over the country, enhances the attraction of Taihe tourism, optimizes the tourism structure of Fuyang, and promotes the development of tourism in northwestern Anhui. It is bound to become a new landmark to lead the development of themed leisure and entertainment in northwestern Anhui.

Taihe Global Carnival Amusement Park is located in Taihe County, Fuyang City, Anhui Province, where is close to the Shaying River National Wetland Park. It is a cultural and entertainment center that matches the status of the strong economic county. The first phase of the project has a total investment of 450 million yuan and covers an area of about 151 acres. With its fashionable, joyful, dynamic, and dreamy cultural charm, it will spread the world's most popular carnival atmosphere and will become an important symbol of experience tourism in northwestern Anhui. On the periphery of the amusement park is Taihe Shengshi Commercial Street. There are many shops and restaurants on the street, including Italian restaurants, Chinese tea houses, western fast food, oriental food, boutique supermarkets, and shopping stations.


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