Achievement Display of Juma Ferris Wheel

Achievement Display of Juma Ferris Wheel

It is said that the Ferris wheel is a symbol of happiness, it is dreamy and beautiful. Having a "special" Ferris wheel to create a landmark building is gradually becoming popular for a city. More and more cities have used the "Ferris wheel effect" to build their own "highest" and "largest" Ferris wheels. The great ferris wheel with different "most" records has risen on the land of China, which is the pride of Zhejiang Juma!


With a total height of 145 meters, the "Eye of Bohai" is the world's most giant shaftless ferris wheel, the world's first woven grid form of Ferris wheel, and the world's first shaftless wheel-bridge integrated Ferris wheel.


The night view of "Eye of Bohai" is like a sparkling diamond ring.


It is 108 meters high and weighs 1,000 tons. The "Eye of Dianchi" Ferris wheel in the shape of "Peacock".

At the height of 108 meters, 51,000 lights create an illusion space. This is the tallest Ferris wheel in Yunnan's history and ranks among the top 20 of all Ferris wheels globally.


This may be the most beautiful ferris wheel in the world, the 133-meter squirrel town Ferris wheel in Wuhu, Anhui! Every cockpit is a big acorn. Does it look delicious? We must know that acorns were one of the most important foods in the early days of humankind. These nuts are regarded as the nuts that symbolize "love", so they are also called "love nuts"!



Zhejiang Juma Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. is a provincial-level emerging technology-based backbone enterprise focusing on producing large and medium-sized amusement facilities and integrating garden planning, design and construction. After transformation and upgrading in 2012, the company focused on the innovative R&D and manufacturing of the Ferris wheel project. It became the creator of China's urban landmarks and the largest Ferris wheel manufacturer in Asia.

The company has reached a strategic partnership with Siemens of Germany and Jotun Paint of Norway. It currently masters the world's leading Ferris wheel manufacturing technology and successfully participated in the construction project of Shanghai Disneyland.

With its unique design, high-quality safety and stability, the Ferris wheel manufactured by Juma has forged more than 50 types of "net celebrity" Ferris wheels, with products all over the world.