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Amusement Rides

Amusement Rides

As a fully integrated manufacturer of amusement equipment, we produce a wide range of amusement rides including roller coaster, spin rulley, giant drop, flume ride, bumper car, carousel, rotator cup, cartoon octopus, amusement-controlled aircraft, super swing, pirate boat, gyro swing and most of what you can think of.

We Are a Professional Manufacturer of All Amusement Rides

There are various kinds of modern amusement facilities, with different structures, sports types, sizes, shapes and even purpose. Some of these amusement rides are designed for family ideal, which involve both adults and children and offer a great experience for them to participate as a family or a team and share with each other. For example, carousel is the most popular and family-friendly equipment in amusement parks. On the other hand, a part of the amusement rides is designed for thrilling experience. For an instance, giant drop is one kind of equipment designed for brave people who enjoy the feeling of excitement. Our professional team has the ability to satisfy customization needs from design and manufacture to installation.

All types of amusement rides are available with plenty of options for accessories such as LED lighting system and theming. As a reliable amusement ride manufacturers with a professional and experienced team of engineers, we are capable of creating original and novel products with high quality.

Introduction to Amusement Rides

Amusement rides, divided into large, medium and small equipment, are mechanical facilities operated for people. With the development of science and the progress of society, modern amusement rides make full use of machinery, electricity, light, sound, water, force and other advanced technologies. Set knowledge, fun, scientific, thrill in one, amusement rides are popular with people, including adults, children and the majority of teenagers. Amusement rides play an active role in enriching people's entertainment life and beautifying the urban environment.

History of Amusement Rides

Before the 1980s, modern large-scale amusement facilities in China is almost a blank. The first product of amusement rides in China might be the electric chairs designed and manufactured by Beijing machinery factory and installed in Beijing Zhongshan park in 1951. In the early 1980s, with the deepening of the reform and opening up, the rapid development of the national economy, the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people's demand for activities became vigorous. Under the encouragement of national policies, the industry developed rapidly and amusement rides made in China started to export to foreign countries. With the development of amusement equipment industry, the standard of amusement rides in China has been continuously improved from design to manufacturing. All types of equipment, from rotating type to sliding type, from power to no power, from fixed type to mobile type, from the ground to the air, from indoor to outdoor, from the previous single type to comprehensive type became more and more popular and indispensable in people’s lives. Until now, we have the world advanced technology and are able to manufacture great and reliable amusement rides of high quality and low price.