Analysis on the Influence of Natural Factors on Outdoor Ferris Wheel

Analysis on the Influence of Natural Factors on Outdoor Ferris Wheel

Ⅰ. The natural factors on the Ferris wheel should be paid attention to

For general small amusement machines, natural factors may be negligible, but for large outdoor amusement machines such as huge ferris wheels, the influence of natural factors is quite obvious. As a designer, we must give full attention.

Ⅱ. Different natural factors on the Ferris wheel and corresponding measures

1. There are wind load, ice-wrapped load, snow load, temperature change and earthquake have the greatest influence. The stress caused by strong wind at 0°C is 2.3 times that of full load at 0°C. Therefore, it is necessary to operate with caution under strong wind conditions, and it is best to stop the operation.

2. When several factors change in temperature, the effect of 40°C cooling is greater than that of 40°C heating. From a series of model calculations, it can be seen that low temperature will have many adverse effects on the structure, and the low temperature will reduce the welding performance of the electrode increase the welding stress, and the general structural steel will have cold brittleness. Therefore, when to use the huge Ferris wheel at low temperatures, special attention must be paid to all aspects of the process.

3. The stress caused by the earthquake is also great. If you want to increase the seismic strength of the wheel flange, you need to increase the joint strength.

4. The influence of snow load and ice load is not small. When the snow load is -40℃, the stress exceeds the stress of the full load at the same temperature. If it is operated in a place with frequent snowfall, it is necessary to fully consider the influence of snow load.

The influence of natural factors on the outdoor huge Ferris wheel is not only in the internal stress of the structure, but also in the buckling state of the overall structure and the irregular deformation of the rim. It can be seen that these factors must have a reliable calculation method, taking them into account as an important design element.

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