Another Landmark Ferris Wheel is Coming! Nanjing 139 Meters Ferris Wheel Center Axis in Place!

Another Landmark Ferris Wheel is Coming! Nanjing 139 Meters Ferris Wheel Center Axis in Place!


The central axis of Nanjing's 139-meter Ferris wheel was successfully installed!

World-class metropolises use the Ferris wheel as the origin to create buildings with romantic attributes and landmark meanings and form an incomparable Ferris wheel effect. The Ferris wheel has successfully driven the city's "ring-in attributes". It is located in Nanjing. The "ring-in attributes" of the 139-meter Ferris wheel have become increasingly clear.


The Ferris wheel adopts a spokes runner with a four-pillar large stand without cross braces, making it the second panoramic ellipsoidal space capsule Ferris wheel in the country after the "Bay Area Light" Ferris wheel in Shenzhen.

On June 1, 2021, on this day full of innocence, from 6:18 in the morning to 1:18 in the afternoon, after 7 hours of smooth hoisting, the central axis of Nanjing Happy Binjiang's 139-meter Ferris wheel was safe and smoothly hoisted!

Ⅰ. The second Ferris wheel in the country that uses an ellipsoidal rotary space capsule


Ⅱ. The second giant Ferris wheel with full-sky view in the country


Ⅲ. The second "Romantic First Class in the Cloud" Ferris wheel in the country


Starting with our mission and moving forward with our responsibilities, let us look forward to the rise of the landmark Ferris wheel in Nanjing and witness the birth of a new online celebrity check-in holy land!

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