Big Ferris Wheel

Big Ferris Wheel

Big Ferris Wheel mainly refers to Ferris Wheel between 70 meters to 100 meters.

Big Ferris Wheel For Sale

  • 99m Carnival Ferris Wheel
    The 99 meters ferris wheel is a creative product designed by us and brings a whole new style of Ferris wheel. It is equipped with two groups of independent cylinder towers and gives the whole world a visual shock.
  • 88m Fun Fair Wheel
    88m Fun Fair Ferris Wheel integrates the advantages of beautiful shape, safe and comfortable riding, easy to attract people, etc., which enables the tourism culture of the city to flourish.
  • 82m Observation Wheel
    The 82 meters Ferris wheel is also an excellent product designed and built by us. As an observation wheel, the 82 meters Ferris wheel, about 20 stories high, are of high comfort and visibility.

Overview of Big Ferris Wheel

Ferris Wheels of this height are suitable for large amusement and theme parks, high-end urban complex, and even primary landmarks. Big Ferris wheels are always popular among costumers because they provide passengers a great observation station to have a panoramic view of an area. We can also produce the big wheel ride (such as the number of cabins, the structure of the wheel, LED system, etc) based on customers'specific requirements.

Advantages of Big Observation Wheel

As a professional manufacturer of amusement equipment, especially Ferris Wheel, we always put the safety and high quality of the big observation wheel at first. As a partner of many world-class suppliers, we use reliable and high-grade materials and accessories. The big wheel ride is usually of high comfort with high-level configuration such as air-conditioners, soft seats, and anti-slippery floors. Juma export big ferris wheel ride for sale at a reasonable price, design your amusement park perfectly!

Features of Big Ferris Wheel

Unless your city wants to compete in the world's tallest viewing wheel, and there are sure to be more towering viewing wheels in the future. For viewing, however, the Big Ferris Wheel is good enough because it gives your passengers a bird 's-eye view of the surrounding landscape. Therefore, the Ferris Wheel is your best viewing Wheel with high visibility and good comfort, and its price is more acceptable. The big wheel ferris wheel is so popular because everyone who rides one of our ferris wheels feels free and safe while enjoying the beautiful scenery with family or friends. If you want to install and operate a ferris wheel at a tourist attraction, you've come to the right place. The ferris wheel represents very interesting attractions that can generate good economic benefits, especially when installed in the area for easy access and good panoramic views.