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Carousel in Guangzhou, China

Carousel in Guangzhou, China

Guangzhou Sunac Amusement Park, domestically inspired by Guangdong's local culture, is located in Huadu, Guangzhou, covering an area of 596,000 square meters. The park includes 6 theme parks: Millennium Shangdu District, Maritime Silk Road District, Lingnan Impression District, Wuyang Legend District, Dream Garden District, Ancient South Vietnam District with 12  performing arts projects, and 31 amusement facilities. Guangzhou Sunac Amusement Park strives to create an international standard park that combines rich amusement facilities and multiple theaters and provides visitors excellent entertainment experience.

The double carousel, decorated with a sea of flowers, named “Garden Party” is located in the Dream Garden District. The carousel is packed into small bees, snails, and other small animals. The ceiling is painted with green leaves, and some little ladybugs are lying on the green leaves. The device rotates at a constant speed, and the carousels of different shapes will rise and fall accordingly, taking visitors to the sea of flowers and spinning, entering the romantic world of flowers, feeling great joy, and throwing themselves into a beautiful fairy tale.



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