China (Beijing) Attractions Expo 2021: JUMA Was Rewarded the Quality Culture and Travel Equipment Enterprise

China (Beijing) Attractions Expo 2021: JUMA Was Rewarded the Quality Culture and Travel Equipment Enterprise


The 2021 China (Beijing) International Amusement Equipment Expo hosted by the China Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (CAAPA) officially opened on May 22 at the China International Exhibition Center (Shunyi) in Beijing. The Beijing exhibition aims to promote the healthy and stable development of the industry through creative innovation, and promote technical exchanges and cooperation between industries. It also aims to build a professional and cross-disciplinary entertainment industry event based on the rich resources of the association.


China (Beijing) International Amusement Equipment Expo adheres to the concept of communication, cooperation, development and win-win, and is committed to building an international business platform and promoting enterprise exchanges and cooperation. It is hoped that through this platform, colleagues in the industry can control trends, seize opportunities, actively communicate and cooperate for win-win results.

1. JUMA style


Yao Jun, President of China Amusement Park Association, Director and General Manager of OCT Group, and leaders of relevant departments visited the Juma booth and paid attention to the development of the Juma industry.

On the first day, Juma ushered in a burst of popularity, and the number of customers received hit a new high one after another.

Attractions and amusement facilities equipment industry has become a new hotspot of world economic development. Juma focuses on this emerging industry, combining advanced manufacturing with cultural and creative industries, and combining technological innovation with leisure and entertainment. In today's increasingly urgent market demand, our higher-quality, more comprehensive and larger-scale amusement ride types will play a very important role in "investment-design-manufacturing-construction-operation" and other links.

2. JUMA honor

Ferris Award: 2021 China Cultural Tourism Enterprise Influence Quality List. Quality cultural tourism equipment enterprise.ferris-wheel-ferris-wheel-4.pngExcellent enterprise case of fulfilling social responsibility in China's cultural tourism industry: Awarded by China Amusement Park Association.


We have gained a lot at this Expo. While being able to communicate with customers at close range and tap customer needs, we can also learn from each other, make progress and create brilliance with friends and businessmen, and together they have become an important factor to stimulate the innovation and creativity of the cultural tourism industry.

While we are grateful for the recognition and recognition, we will continue to improve the comprehensive capabilities of the company in all aspects in the future, accelerate the process of brand building, rationally face the market demand, and bring more high-quality products to the cultural tourism industry.

3. JUMA case


Our company insists on innovation and builds the highest-grade big wheel fairground in China, "Light of the Bay Area", which is the first observation ferris wheel big wheel in China with a rotating space capsule.

The Shunde Bay Ferris Wheel Big Wheel is a double-column full-cable design. From a distance, it looks like a delicious lollipop. This is also the first high-rise, double-column, full-cable ferris wheel big wheel in South China. The Squirrel Wheel is the largest spoked ferris wheel big wheel in the country and the world's tallest themed-wrapped ferris wheel big wheel.

In 2016, with the advanced design concept, our company won the bid for the world's first axleless ferris wheel big wheel with integrated wheel and bridge, which is also the highest axleless ferris wheel big wheel in the world.

After the completion of the ferris wheel big wheel, it has become a new city card of Weifang, and won the title of "Highest Shaftless Ferris Wheel Big Wheel" in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Yunnan's largest ferris wheel big wheel, "Eye of Dianchi Lake", is designed in the shape of a peacock's opening screen. It is 108 meters high and weighs thousands of tons. It uses more than 51,000 lights to create a fantasy space, all of which are individually produced using 3D printing technology.

Qinghai Xining 108-meter herringbone structure ferris wheel big wheel is located in Qinghai Xining Tongmeng Paradise. The ferris wheel big wheel, which integrates bridges and wheels, is a landmark project in Xining. It is a wonderful addition to promoting the integrated development of culture and tourism and making Xining a bigger tourism brand.

In recent years, the company has developed rapidly. We completed 20 ferris wheel big wheels in 2019, and 25 ferris wheel big wheels are under construction in 2020, and orders for ferris wheel big wheels increased by 25% compared with 2019. In 2021, 15 ferris wheel big wheels are under construction. At present, the company's customer base mainly includes Disney, OCT, Hengdian Film and Television, Shimao Group, Evergrande Group, Three Squirrels, Sunac, etc.