• Q: What is the business scope of Juma?

    A: Our business scope includes design, manufacture, installation, and sales of amusement machines such as ferris wheel and amusement rides; Technical advisory services for amusement machines; Import and export of goods and technology.

  • Q: how long has Juma been established?

    A: Juma was founded in 1989. We have experienced 30 years in the amusement equipment industry.

  • Q: what are your qualifications?

    A: Our company has grade A qualification of large-scale amusement equipment(design, manufacture, and installation).

  • Q: May I have your product catalogue and quotation, please?

    A: Of course, please send an email to info@chinajuma.com and we will assign a professional sales manager to connect with you.

  • Q: when will the order be shipped?

    A: Non-customized products-6-10 months

    Customized products-10-15 months

  • Q: What are your usual payment terms?

    A: 1. Within 7 working days after the contract is signed, party A shall pay party B 30% of the total contract price; 2. Before delivery of the goods, party A shall pay 70% of the total contract price to party B.

  • Q: Can we customize the product?

    A: All products, including giant observation wheel, Ferris wheel, and other amusement rides, can be customized according to customer requirements. 

  • Q: What are the advantages of your company's products?

    A: As an industry leader in China, we have focused on Ferris wheel and other amusement equipment manufacturing for 30 years. We work with the world’s leading suppliers: top 10 domestic steel, Jotun paints, Siemens electrics, etc. In terms of technology, we have a design institute based in Shanghai and have maintained a long-term cooperative relationship with Shanghai Jiaotong University, Tongji University, Shanghai University Of Science and Technology, Zhejiang University Of Science and Technology, China Academy of Building Sciences and other institutions and research institutes. We also maintain a strategic cooperative relationship with Starneth Engineering who once participated in the design of the London Eye. Overall, Juma has great technical support, strong confidence and a sincere attitude to provide services and products to our customers.