Ferris Wheel Can Make Up for the City's Shortcoming

Ferris Wheel Can Make Up for the City's Shortcoming

1. The importance of the Ferris wheel

Like skyscrapers, the Ferris wheel is becoming a fixed element of city. Now it seems that if a city wants to show its vitality and ensure its international status, it should have a beautifully designed and permanently Ferris wheel and a large shopping mall. Just like Tuart Jeffries's point of view: "The Ferris wheel is on the rise like those grand theaters, art galleries, and exaggerated urban sculptures in squares. It is a must-have for any ambitious city."

Will the beautiful Ferris wheel make the city lose its uniqueness? This can also torture numerous science and technology museums and shopping malls. The shapes of Ferris wheels everywhere are similar, but in the cabin overlooking the city, or seeking emotional comfort, or even proposing marriage, everyone has a private experience.

Of course, if the spinning time is too long, people will get bored. How long is the appropriate time for the Ferris wheel to make a full circle? The answer given by Stuart Jeffries is 30 minutes: half an hour which is enough for you to enjoy all the beautiful scenery. "If the ride takes longer than 45 minutes, people will start to feel unwell."

2. Why is the Ferris wheel so popular?

The popularity of the Ferris wheel can be related to the human fascination with round shapes, but the main reason is still due to the unique perspective from high altitude. Along with the location changing, the different appearances of the city's structures can be seen at a glance. And people will not easily miss this great opportunity.

The huge Ferris wheel rotates in a single way, but when you ascend heights and enjoy a distant view, the scenery is very different. The Tientsin Eye has a view of the scenery within a 40-kilometer radius (air quality needs to be considered); The Hague Ferris wheel in the Netherlands can show the vastness of the sea; the Singapore Ferris wheel has a farthest view of Malaysia and parts of Indonesia.

In the modern, shiny Ferris wheel can make up for the shortcomings of a city's historical sites and buildings. It also has the potential benefits of enhancing the soft power of the city, and attempts to improve and optimize the temperament of the city in which it is located.