Ferris Wheel Installation in Different Construction Sites and Environments

Ferris Wheel Installation in Different Construction Sites and Environments

In different construction sites and construction environments, different methods may be adopted for the construction of large outdoor Ferris wheels, but at present, the construction methods of the built Ferris wheel structures can be simply summarized into the following three types:

1. Ground assembly and overall hoisting method of the Ferris wheel

This method is to process and assemble the components of the Ferris wheel in sections at the factory, and then transport the assembled structure to the construction site, assemble the components into a whole, and connect the internal rigid lattice support or flexible steel cable system, and finally the whole is hoisted into the air for installation.

The famous "London Eye" adopts this construction method. The method of assembling on the ground and then hoisting as a whole is conducive to the fine installation of the steel structure and ensures the installation accuracy of the steel structure. It is relatively large, so a large construction site and strong lifting capacity are required when the whole is lifted, so as to better ensure the installation in the air.

2. The center rotation installation method of the Ferris wheel

The center rotation installation method refers to the installation of the tower and axle supporting the whole in place first, then use the tower to set up the working platform, or use the lifting system to gradually install other Ferris wheel structures from the center to the periphery. This method is generally used in some small and medium Ferris wheel project.

3. The vertical rotation installation method of the Ferris wheel

The vertical rotation installation method refers to the method in which the temporary rigid spokes are used to drive the segmented rims and steel cables to rotate and install after the supporting tower and the axle are installed. There are two kinds of side rotation installation methods. This method is more suitable for the flexible Ferris wheel structure system that relies on steel cables to provide centripetal force, and has been used in some Ferris wheel construction projects.

At the same time, this method can avoid a large number of high-altitude operations and reduce the risk of construction by workers, but the use of this method requires a large traction power system and a good braking system, especially the rotating installation method on both sides. The center axle of the Ferris wheel is specially treated, and the engineering is rather cumbersome.

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