Ferris Wheel

Ferris Wheel

The beautiful ferris wheel will always be a landmark of a theme park, a fairground site, or even a city. People are attracted to beautiful ferris wheel for it offering a most exotic visual treat and thrilling experience. If you want to buy a ferris wheel, Juma can offer you high quality amusement park ferris wheel for sale.

Different Types of Ferris Wheels for Sale

Theme Park Ferris Wheel For Sale

The Ferris wheel will always be a landmark of a theme park, a fairground site, or even a city. People are attracted to the Ferris wheel for it offers a most exotic visual treat and thrilling experience. As professional amusement equipment and Ferris wheel supplier, JUMA especially focuses on the design and manufacture of the beautiful Ferris wheel from 25 meters to over 200 meters.

Our Ferris wheel is sold to our friends and customers worldwide who emphasize high-quality equipment and excellent services. Aiming for the innovation research and development of different types of Ferris wheels, we have established an independent design institute in Shanghai and have achieved a strategic partnership with Rockwell, Siemens, Jotun, etc.

Ferris wheel, especially the giant observation wheel, will be equipped with lighting systems. Equipped with colourful and varied LED lights, the Ferris wheel can always become the most beautiful and fascinating scenery in the area. When the night falls, the Ferris wheel will be transformed into a sparkling ocean of light and provide people with an engrossing visual feast.

How To Choose The Right Ferris Wheel For Your Theme Park

The Ferris wheel is one of the most iconic rides in all theme parks. Since the Ferris wheel is very high, this is one of the first things you see when you enter the theme park, and the Ferris wheel can give you a panoramic view of the entire park. The amusement park ferris wheel for sale is a huge investment, but because tourists want to ride it, the investment in the Ferris wheel will pay off.

When you buy a Ferris wheel, you will have to decide whether you want to use a giant Ferris wheel or a small Ferris wheel in the children's area of the theme park. As the focal point, the giant Ferris wheel can be placed in a prominent position in the theme park so that everyone can see it.

The giant Ferris wheel is impressive and looks great when lit at night. They are very suitable for everyone who wants to ride a Ferris wheel. The Ferris wheel is the most conspicuous ride in the theme park, and you can also accommodate a large number of riders in it, making it one of the most profitable rides in the park.

If you buy a Ferris wheel for your child's small theme park area, you will find these miniature Ferris wheels are more affordable. They have a small footprint and are easy to install and disassemble. They are not expensive but only accommodate a few children. The miniature Ferris wheel is colourful, and children want to ride it again and again.

Giant Ferris wheels will take longer to make money because the initial investment is much higher, but they are well made and do not require much maintenance. You don't have to worry about riders, because people are always riding the Ferris wheel, it will become one of the main rides in your park. The Ferris wheel is a wonderful journey that will last for several years and bring you huge profits.