Ferris Wheels Are a Necessity of World-class Cities

Ferris Wheels Are a Necessity of World-class Cities

1. The global Ferris wheel fever 

The business that attempts to replicate the "London Eye" is like snowball getting bigger and bigger. Every year, the number and height of the Ferris wheel are almost updated. From the super cities such as Paris, Tokyo, Washington and Hong Kong, to the local cities of Birmingham, Myrtle Beach and Nanchang, regardless of the size of the city, the construction of the Ferris wheel is catching up everywhere.

Even the currently tallest Moscow Sparrow Hills Ferris wheel fears that it will be replaced overnight. This "Ferris wheel fever" has never cooled down, and more cities have either started building or incorporated the construction of a huge Ferris wheel into the key regional plan.

2. The Ferris wheel becomes a necessity of world-class cities

In 2016, WGBH discussed how to make better use of Boston City Hall Plaza. Delaware North won the bid to re-plan this large flat in downtown Boston. Then they received a lot of ideas. Some people proposed the construction of beer gardens and restaurants, and others supported the construction of summer city beaches and winter skating rinks. But the idea that finally stood out was to build a Ferris wheel on the square. This may seem like a whimsical idea, but in fact, the Ferris wheel has become a necessity in any world-class city.

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