Giant Ferris Wheel: the Birthplace of City Romance

Giant Ferris Wheel: the Birthplace of City Romance

1. The giant Ferris wheel is loved by many people

The outdoor giant Ferris wheel is a large wheel-shaped mechanical construction facility. The cabin is hanging above the edge of the wheel for passengers to board. Passengers sit in the Ferris wheel and slowly turn upwards, and they can overlook the surrounding scenery from a height. It is both thrilling and exciting, and it is deeply loved by young people.

The giant Ferris wheel that accompanies the playground has now become more of a city landmark. With broad views, the Ferris wheel in each city has a unique flavor of the local area. Together with the city's beautiful scenery, it has become a place of longing for travelers to talk about it.

2. The attraction of giant Ferris wheels

In the past few decades, many cities around the world have built Ferris wheels. No one can say exactly how many large outdoor ferris wheels there are now in the world. The reproducibility of the Ferris wheel is much easier than that of the skyscraper. The large outdoor Ferris wheel can rely on tourists to bring considerable ticket income. The later operation is not complicated, and the continuous flow of tourists means to promote the prosperity of the city's economy, which is one of the biggest attractions of the Ferris wheel economy.

In addition, the outdoor giant Ferris wheel is usually linked with words such as romance, and it is a popular place for many couples to propose marriage. Young people choose to confess to their beloved when it slowly rotates to the highest point. For example, the "London Eye" has specially set up some private viewing boxes, equipped with champagne and chocolate, etc., which have always been in short supply. On the "Melbourne Star", the largest observation wheel in the southern hemisphere, a novel "Skyline Wedding" has also been launched. Couples can hold an unforgettable wedding in the luxurious Ferris wheel cabin.