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Giant Ferris Wheel

Giant Ferris Wheel

Giant Ferris wheel is a general term for Ferris Wheel with a height over 100 meters, mostly observation wheel.

​Classifications of Giant Ferris Wheel

  • 208m Giant Observation Ferris Wheel
    Located in the northern area of Beijing Chaoyang park, the Beijing great wheel project was designed by the Dutch company which also designed the famous giant observation wheel,the London Eye.
  • 165m Rotating Ferris Wheel
    The 165 meters Ferris wheel is a newly developed product of our company. It contains a large rotating wheel with a diameter of about 160 meters and is installed on two large stands which are shaped like sails of a boat.
  • 145m Spokeless/Shaftless Ferris Wheel
    As the world's largest spokeless/shaftless Ferris Wheel (recognized by the Guinness World Record in 2018), the Bohai Eye which is 145 meters high (475ft-tall) with a completely hollow center is located in East China’s Weifang city, Shandong province.
  • 133m Theme Park Ferris Wheel
    The 133 meters Ferris wheel, as the landmark of Wuhu city, Anhui province, is called affectionately the Eye of Wuhu. The 133 meters Ferris wheel is a great customized product designed and manufactured entirely according to customer needs.
  • 128m Ferris Wheel with Customized Capsule
    The 128 meters Ferris wheel, installed in Shenzhen is a brand-new and innovative product of our company. As the most top-level Ferris wheel, it carries the height of urban civilization and will stand out among all other Ferris wheels currently operating in China.
  • 120m Observation Wheel with Panoramic Capsule
    As the highest Ferris wheel in north China, the 120 meters Ferris wheel is located in Dezhou city, Shandong Province. It has 60 panoramic capsules that remain constant temperature to ensure the comfort of 400 passengers.
  • 108m Ferris Wheel Landmark
    The 108 meters Ferris wheel, known as the Eye of Dianchi, in located in Kunming, Yunnan province. As the most eye-catching scenery along the Huangshui River, another 108 meters Ferris wheel is located in Xining city, Qinghai province.
  • 102m Wonder Wheel Ride
    102m ferris wheels, like the great theatres, galleries and city sculptures that have sprung up, have become must-haves for any ambitious city. It is a city landmark, an architectural work of art and a tourist project.

Overview of Giant Ferris Wheel

With the large size and great appearance, the giant wheel is invariably a city landmark attraction without a doubt, such as The London Eye. As the slowly moves and rises off the giant wheel, passengers have an overall view of the whole city, which is always an impressive and remarkable experience. Recently, many great cities of the world are scrambling to build the largest Ferris Wheel in order to gain international influence and economic benefit.

Advantages of Giant Ferris Wheel

Giant Wheel is usually designed to match the characteristic of a city. For example, as a classic case of our factory, the design inspiration of the Dianchi Eye (108 meters) came from a peacock which is the symbolism of Kunming province, China. In fact, the big ferris wheel in a city represents the area culturally and economically to a great extent. All kinds of customization can be achieved.

Features of Giant Ferris Wheel

In fact, the height of giant ferris wheel is the most exciting part. People were convinced that big wheels were safe, although they were tall. Ferris wheels are often associated with romance, with couples proposing and making promises to each other on giant wheels. It is a very interesting opportunity for people to ride the giant ferris wheel, and young people always want to show their love on the top site.  What's more, a giant ferris wheel can also bring maximized external benefits to real estate investors. The future of the big wheel ferris wheel due to its high popularity, various giant observation wheels can be seen in parks or observation points around the world. In addition, thanks to the development of high technology, people all over the world began to build giant ferris wheels that are taller and more complex. In fact, it seems that people all over the world are racing to build ever taller ferris wheels. As a result, the giant ferris wheel will remain a highlight of theme parks, amusement parks, or famous attractions for a long time to come.

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