Go to Romantic Turkey and Ride JUMA's Ferris Wheel

Go to Romantic Turkey and Ride JUMA's Ferris Wheel

Antalya is a beautiful city on the Mediterranean Sea in the south of Turkey. She doesn't have the hustle and bustle of Istanbul and the strong religious overtones, and she doesn't have the weird topography of Cappadocia. The ancient city of Antalya preserves the relics of ancient Rome, coupled with the blue Mediterranean, making this pearl of the Mediterranean full of tenderness and romance.

To the east is the beautiful Konyaate Beach, to the west is the endless Lara Beach, and to the north is the lush Taurus Mountains. Due to the warm climate and many historic sites nearby, it has gradually become a tourist resort. Overlooking the Antalya Boat Center on the high slope of the port, antique sailboats enter and leave the harbor, reproducing the prosperity of the Mediterranean in the past.

The Turks love water. The Turkish bath in the early years was one of the four major bathing features in the world, and there were hot springs in many places in the volcanic landscape. It is said that they spent half their life in the bath at that time. The high temperature makes people sweat profusely, and then shower the whole body with warm or cold water to achieve the purpose of removing dirt, revitalizing the muscles and bones, and eliminating fatigue.

Perhaps because of their belief in Islam, the Turks attach great importance to the cleanliness of the body. In the eyes of Turks, the Turkish bath is a holy place, and there should be no scruples and evil thoughts to wash the body in the holy place of Allah. From the ancient Greek and ancient Roman statues in the Antalyali Museum, these In the plump body and dancing dresses, the beauty of health that people were pursuing at that time may be found, and the prototypes of these creations only have such a full and holy charm after bathing.

In the early years, the Hittites, Turks and the peoples of the Mediterranean Indo-European language family, after a long history of fusion, formed the beautiful faces of today's Turkish girls. Although Islam wrapped their hair, there are still many moving figures on the streets. .

A trendy restaurant is set up on the rocky wall of the harbour. Sitting here eating fish from the Mediterranean Sea, looking at the endless North African coast, I can't imagine how Africans smuggled here across the ocean.


The ancient city of Antalya is not big, but the ruins inside are very worth seeing. For example, in AD 130, the "Hadrian's Gate" built to welcome the visit of the Roman Emperor Hadrian still stands in the ancient city. From the exquisite stone carvings and tall pillars, we can see the splendor of the Roman Empire occupation period. In the Antalya Museum, there are many exquisite sculptures and treasures from the local and surrounding areas. When you come to Antalya, there are many ways to play. You can order a small cup of Turkish black tea in the restaurant on the cliff by the sea, take a selfie with this invincible sea view and be in a daze all day. You can also sunbathe on the beach, take a dip in the sea, and touch the gentle Mediterranean with your skin.

In the ancient city of Antalya, there are such two- or three-storey old houses. Most of them have been converted into hotels or restaurants. The sky here is clear and the air is very clean and translucent. It gives people a sense of relaxation when they come to Lijiang. Of course, it is Lijiang, which has just been developed and has not yet been crowded with tourists.

The houses in the ancient city of Antalya are very colorful. Most are hotels or homestays. Such a stone house is warm in winter and cool in summer and still very comfortable.

There are many shops in the ancient city of Antalya, selling all kinds of handicrafts and souvenirs. Antalya people love small animals, and there is a community in the old town that shelters stray cats.

There is a long coastline in the north of Antalya, Akturpark Park, located on the coastline, here is full of tourists, freely enjoying the mild and sea-flavored sunshine! Akturpark has been in operation for many years and this year has added a landmark ride - the Ferris wheel.


The Ocean Park Ferris wheel has a total height of 88 meters and is currently the tallest Ferris wheel in Turkey. There are a total of 42 drop boxes including 4 VIP drop boxes. A maximum of 420 tourists can be carried at a time.


The 88-meter Ocean Park Ferris Wheel project has been completed and is waiting for acceptance. It will become a landmark building in Antalya, Turkey in the future!

If you go to Antalya, go to Akturpark to ride the Ferris wheel and experience the unique style of the Mediterranean on the Ferris wheel made by JUMA!