Good News! 133-meter Ferris Wheel in Squirrels Town Has Passed the National Inspection!

Good News! 133-meter Ferris Wheel in Squirrels Town Has Passed the National Inspection!

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Good news!!! The 133-meter Ferris wheel project in Squirrel Town, Wuhu, Anhui Province, designed and constructed by Ju Ma, has successfully accepted the China Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute. Squirrel Town Ferris Wheel will open for you soon!

Ⅰ. The 133-meter Squirrel Ferris Wheel: the highest spokes Ferris wheel in the country

The Squirrel Ferris wheel is the most giant spoke-type Ferris wheel in the country, with a height of 133 meters, a disc size of 123 meters, a load of 384 people, and a rotation time of 27 minutes. It is the tenth in the world and the top five Ferris wheel in the country! The squirrel ferris wheel uses the planet pavilion as the roots of the trees to stagger the ground, and the Ferris wheel is the lush tree standing in the sky, echoing the forest theme.

The Ferris wheel adopts banner technology. The inner part of the wheel body is composed of interwoven steel wires, which will not block the line of sight, and the appearance is transparent and refreshing.

Different from the general Ferris wheel, the Ferris wheel in Squirrel Town is themed and packaged Ferris wheel equipment. The overall style, colour matching, interior and exterior decoration of the cabin, and the building below (planet pavilion) are integrated. The overall tone is a scene of the forest system running through the squirrel IP.

The shape of the pod of the squirrel Ferris wheel is very squirrel-like, and the colourful colours give the Ferris wheel a romantic atmosphere.

Ⅱ. The installation of the 133-meter squirrel Ferris wheel hanging box

Before hoisting, the ferris wheel China big wheel project team accurately measured the dimensions to ensure that the propulsion module was aligned with the installation holes of the pod! At the same time, it is also necessary to ensure that the contact surfaces are parallel, and the entire butt joint must be tightly connected.

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After the pod is installed, a 24-hour idling test will be carried out on the Ferris wheel big wheel, and then beautification work will be carried out on the Ferris wheel, followed by decoration of the Ferris wheel trestle.

The full cable ferris wheel big wheel is not only more beautiful and safer, especially in terms of wind resistance, but it can also resist strong winds. In the Ferris wheel, you don't have to worry about panic or shaking.

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The squirrel Ferris wheel adds a servo drive system to the pod components. In short, it is an anti-shake system. If it were not for the gradually increasing view angle outside the window, you would think that you were standing on flat ground.