How do Formal Amusement Ride Companies do to Realize the Standardized Business System

How do Formal Amusement Ride Companies do to Realize the Standardized Business System

Formal amusement ride companies should have a complete and reasonable business specification system, which can provide competitiveness from product positioning, production quality, service standards, professional skills, product premium, and other dimensions. As a professional large-scale amusement ride company, Juma has strict requirements in all aspects of the whole business system:

1. Pre-sales service and technical support

We take the professional service to solve all kinds of problems for each customer, customize the exquisite products for each customer in the spirit of craftsman, and create a scientific and rigorous planning scheme for each customer according to the needs of customers.

Quality is the guarantee of survival, and reputation is the foundation of development.

2. Strictly review the production process to eliminate quality problems

Exquisite production technology and high standard processing flow.

The engineer guides in the workshop and there is someone to control production progress.

The multi-stage test flow can truly experience the evaluation results.

The open supervision mechanism can keep abreast of processing dynamics.

3. Professional delivery, installation and technical training

Professional personnel conduct debugging, packaging, inspection, delivery, installation, and trial operation to ensure zero error in each step of handover.

The Engineer shall monitor, guide the installation and commissioning of the equipment in the whole process to ensure that each process is accurate and in place. They explain safety common sense issues such as equipment operation and maintenance in a simple and easy to understand way, to ensure that customers can use types of amusement rides safely without worries.

4. A responsible after-sales system can ensure that the customer has no trouble in later use

24-hour customer after-sales service to protect customers.

We have a platform for remote guidance to solve different problems and answer questions for customers.

Professional engineers come to maintain and solve problems for customers quickly.

Operation plan guidance and technical support, to rapidly improve the revenue for customers.

JUMA is a professional amusement ride supplier that provides a full range of solutions for every customer - investment consulting, project planning, boutique recommendation, product customization, after-sales installation, operation guidance, and parts supply. We are anxious about what our customers want and what they think. We are determined to be enterprising and sincere!