How Does the Ferris Wheel Spin?

How Does the Ferris Wheel Spin?

1. The spin of the ferris wheel

The speed of motor is decelerated through the reducer, so the high-speed and low-torque mechanical power is converted into high-torque and low-speed mechanical power. It is transmitted to the wheel through an intermediate mechanism that is generally elastic and has a certain strength, such as tires, so that it can rotate at a low speed.

2. Introduction of the ferris wheel

The Ferris wheel is a large-scale wheel-shaped mechanical facility. The most common occasions for the existence of the Ferris wheel are in amusement parks (or theme parks) and garden fairs. As a kind of playground motor game, it is collectively called the "Three Treasures of Paradise" together with the rotating roller coaster and the carousel. However, the Ferris wheel often exists alone in other occasions, and is usually used as a viewing platform for events. According to the difference of operating mechanism, the Ferris wheel can be divided into two types: gravity Ferris wheel and observation wheel.

The cabin of the gravity Ferris wheel is hanging on the wheel to hold horizontal by gravity; while the cabin of the observation wheel is suspended outside the wheel, which requires a more complicated linkage-like mechanical structure to adjust its horizontal hold synchronously with the position of the cabin rotates.

3. The history of the ferris wheel

The earliest Ferris wheel was designed by the American George Ferris for the Chicago Exposition in 1893, for the purpose of competing with the Paris Tower built by Paris in 1889 at the Paris Exposition.

The first Ferris wheel weighs 2,200 tons, which can seat 2,160 people, and the height of it is equal to a 26-floor building. Because of the achievements of Ferris, people call this facility "Ferris Wheel", and this is the Ferris wheel we are familiar with.