How to Choose the Appropriate Ferris Wheel Size and Structure

How to Choose the Appropriate Ferris Wheel Size and Structure

From the perspective of investment purposes, the investment of the Ferris wheel can be divided into two types: one is the park operator, whose main purpose is to bring more popularity to the theme park. After all, the Ferris wheel, as one of the most popular amusement rides for children, can bring a lot of popularity. Considering the passenger flow and investment time, the Ferris wheel in the amusement park is mainly small and medium-sized, and the appearance and theme are more suitable for children's aesthetic. Take the Ferris wheel of Disneyland as an example, the classic Mickey head can first attract visitors' attention. Instead of using the common gravity type and viewing type lift car, it adopts a more interesting type of structure, the swinging type. The unique ride experience is memorable to visitors. The Ferris wheel in Gucun Park is a classic successful case of china ferris wheel. The cherry colored Ferris wheel and the theme of cherry blossom season in Gucun Park coincide with each other, attracting a lot of visitors. In just one month, the cherry blossom season project has recovered the investment cost of the Ferris wheel.

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The second is the landscape Ferris wheel. Its main purpose is to attract more people's attention as a landmark building for the city or commercial complex. Therefore, the ferris wheel company will generally consider one that is larger and more distinctively structured. The economic and political benefits of this kind of Ferris wheel for the whole city are far greater than its own ticket income.

Zhejiang Juma Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. is looking forward to providing guidance and help to you with rich experience and professional knowledge on how to choose a Ferris wheel that is suitable for you from the aspects of scale, shape, and structure.

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