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How to Combine Safety Technology Management with the Innovative design and Construction of Outdoor Large Ferris Wheel

How to Combine Safety Technology Management with the Innovative design and Construction of Outdoor Large Ferris Wheel

1.Contact domestic and foreign large-scale outdoor Ferris wheel manufacturers, combined with planning layout and functional layout, to provide the final layout of coordination and optimization design based on the corresponding outdoor large-scale ferris wheel,which mainly includes national standards, operating team endowments, and equipment operation maintenance manual, emergency rescue plan, outdoor large-wheel operation process, etc. The important control points mainly include passenger platforms, main consoles and auxiliary operation rooms, maintenance areas and equipment storage areas, equipment maintenance lines and steel structure platforms, emergency rescue evacuation channels ( stairs, passages, platforms) and the accessibility of rescue vehicles.

2. Audit and plan the layout of creative concepts, and study the sports characteristics and driving efficiency of amusement equipment. Moreover, technical support in terms of track, forms of motion, track elements, compound driving and others should be provided,and the professional report on technical description should be formed;

3. Review the design and artistic achievements of outdoor large-scale ferris wheel theme packaging, and coordinate with outdoor large-scale Ferris wheel manufacturers, forming a professional pre-evaluation report on the safety, weight, color, material and main craftsmanship of amusement equipment theme packaging;

4. Be responsible for coordinating the outdoor large-scale ferris wheel safety engineers and structural engineers, providing risk assessment reports for scenic spots/venues at various stages, and synchronizing the facilities at the conceptual stage with the main structure.

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