How to Design an Exclusive Ferris Wheel?

How to Design an Exclusive Ferris Wheel?

Since an American George Washington Ferris designed the first Ferris wheel in 1893, the Ferris wheel has sprung up all over the world like a mushroom and has quickly become an indispensable mascot in amusement parks. And it was named Ferris Wheel after its designer.

How to Design an Exclusive Ferris Wheel?

This delicate and grand steel facility was not intended for entertainment at the beginning of its birth. This Ferris wheel was designed to compete with the Paris Tower in the same period. Unlike the French's obsession with static structures, the United States, which is leading the second industrial revolution, was more willing to show its strong industrial design capabilities. Although it had not become a landmark building like the Paris Tower, the ferris wheel design combining both aesthetics and entertainment make it successfully spread to the world.

The giant Ferris wheel is mainly composed of a huge wheel body and the cockpits all around.

The cockpit, which is the "small basket" we ride on. It is not firmly fixed on the wheel body, because when the wheel body rotates, the cockpit will be upside down, making people suffer. Therefore, the cabin must also be active, to ensure that passengers will not be turned upside down while riding. According to the connection between the wheel body and the cockpit, we divide the types of Ferris wheels into two structures: the gravity Ferris wheel and the observation Ferris wheel.

The Gravity Ferris Wheel

The wheel body and the cockpit are connected by hinges. As we all know, a hinge is a mechanical device that allows several connecting parts to rotate relatively. It is one of the most common kinematic pairs in a mechanical mechanism. This is the first Ferris wheel designed by Ferris has also employed this. This also applies equally to most of the giant Ferris wheel designs in the world today.

The Giant Ferris Wheel for Sale 

This is a relatively new type of construction, which is few now. The most famous example is the London Eye in the United Kingdom.

The cockpit of the London Eye is designed into a ferris wheel capsule shape, grasped by two circular slide rails, extending out of the wheel body. The entire cockpit is grabbed by the slide rail and can be freely rotated by the slide rail, with the counterweight at the bottom of the cockpit keeping the cockpit horizontal at all times.