How to Increase the Visitor's Stickness to the Big Outdoor Ferris Wheel

How to Increase the Visitor's Stickness to the Big Outdoor Ferris Wheel

The amusement park plays a primary role in attracting tourists. For outdoor large-scale Ferris wheel facilities, how to increase the customers’ stickiness to come and play is very important. As long as enough work is done on the amusement equipment to attract more customers, the quality of our amusement park business will not be terrible. So what is the principle of choosing outdoor big Ferris wheel equipment? How to increase the stickiness of amusement equipment?

1. The principle of achieving lasting performance

The big Ferris wheel for sale should meet the needs of tourists for playing over and over again and should be considered from all angles to ensure visitors will not get bored after playing for a long time. Children are always loving new things so the new amusement facilities need to update constantly.

2. The principle of quality and safety

Tourist amusement facilities should be non-toxic and should not have sharp edges. The combination of each part should be very firm, so as not to hurt the children. In addition, more attention should be paid to whether the amusement equipment contains harmless chemical components, whether it has a pungent smell, and those amusement facilities should not use flammable materials.

3. The principle of interactive experience

Children like to play at home with children or adults at home. And the large outdoor giant observation wheel allows parents and children to stay in the same space. So a good amusement facility should allow two or more people to play together. In addition, parents and children can play together to promote interaction between them.


The above is about how to increase the customer’s stickiness to tourists' amusement facilities when operating a big outdoor Ferris wheel, and the principles to be followed when choosing.