Instructions for the Installation of the Large Outdoor Ferris Wheel

Instructions for the Installation of the Large Outdoor Ferris Wheel

During the installation and construction of the main structure of an outdoor huge Ferris wheel, the following measures must be taken to ensure the quality and subsequent operational safety, and Juma is going to share the following instructions for everyone.

Ensure safe operation of Ferris wheel installation

1. All management personals and construction personnel should earnestly implement the "safety first, prevention first", the safety production policy, implement unified management, clarify each one’s responsibilities, strengthen on-site supervision and inspection to ensure construction safety.

2. Conscientiously implement the safety standards for amusement machines and amusement rides and the Safety Technical Supervision Regulations for Amusement Facilities.

3. The construction area must be fenced off and the construction signs must be clearly defined. Unrelated personnel should not enter.

4. All the personnel entering the construction area must wear safety helmets and fasten the belts. Safety belts must be fastened when working at heights above 2m. The seat belt should be carefully checked before using every time, and it can be put into use only in good condition.

5. Any parts that require forces in the high-altitude operations must be built with reliable construction platforms, and the construction personnel must fasten their seat belts and are not allowed to throw tools or other items up or down. All the tools of the high-altitude construction personnel must wear a rope to tie them on the personnel’s body or put them in a special tool bag, and the fasteners should be placed in a special box to prevent the loss and injury.

6. Types of Ferris wheels are good conductors, the grounding device must be intact, and the grounding resistance should not be greater than 10Ω. The power supply for construction must use rubber cable. If the cable is damaged, it is strictly prohibited to pull on the working surface. All electric tools should be equipped with leakage protection switches.

Only by following the above installation and operation specifications can we ensure that the outdoor giant observation wheel facilities are in good operation and provide better security for everyone to enjoy the beautiful scenery around.