JUMA's Ferris Wheel Was Installed in Many Areas

JUMA's Ferris Wheel Was Installed in Many Areas

Pay attention! JUMA has made a new progress in the on-site installation of ferris wheel big wheel in various places. This kind of life of enjoying the beautiful scenery on the Ferris wheel, romantic and sentimental life, is getting closer and closer to everyone.

1. Nanjing 139m ferris wheel big wheel


The 139-meter ferris wheel big wheel in Nanjing Overseas Chinese Town has begun to take shape, and the big stand is standing firmly, just waiting for the central axis!

2. Anhui Xiangyuan Flower World 135m ferris wheel big wheel


Hefei Xiangyuanhua World ferris wheel big wheel is 135 meters high and has 48 cockpits, each of which can accommodate 6 people. At present, the central axis has been successfully placed, and the wheel circle will be fixed next.

3. Aerial view of the 131.4-meter ferris wheel big wheel in Xi'an


The ferris wheel big wheel in Peidong Overseas Chinese Town in Xi'an is themed with love. It is 131.4 meters high and equipped with 52 spherical hanging boxes, which means "I love you forever". Xi'an friends, have you been unable to hold back your excitement to sit on it? !

4. Ferris wheel big wheel of 128 meters in Haiyan


The 128-meter ferris wheel big wheel in Haiyan is about to be built. It will not be far from riding on the Ferris wheel to see the night view of Hangzhou Bay.

5. 62m ferris wheel big wheel in Bozhou, Anhui


Bozhou's 62-meter ferris wheel big wheel center shaft has been successfully placed!

6. Heyuan roof ferris wheel big wheel

The cherry blossom pink ferris wheel landmark on the roof of Zhongjun World City in Heyuan, Guangdong has been completed perfectly. Next, the car will be installed.

7. Jiaxing 49m shaftless ferris wheel big wheel


Jiaxing Xiuzhou 49-meter shaftless ferris wheel big wheel, built for the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party. It is expected to be completed by the end of next month, and it is expected to be able to experience it on July 1, 2021.

8. Fuzhou 88m ferris wheel big wheel


The ferris wheel big wheel is initially named "Eye of Fuzhou". It has been painted and is waiting for the car to be installed. It is expected to light up for trial operation within the year.

9. 59-meter roof ferris wheel big wheel in Huaqiang, Jinzhai, Anhui