JUMA's New Rotary Ferris Wheel Was Successfully Debugged

JUMA's New Rotary Ferris Wheel Was Successfully Debugged

The ferris wheel symbolizes full and endless happiness. The ferris wheel under the bright lights has become the symbol of a city. When riding on the ferris wheel big wheel and overlooking the beautiful scenery, have you ever thought about the technology of this little gondola?

Ⅰ. What technologies are used in the JUMA rotary ferris wheel?

In addition to romance and novelty, we have to consider safety. In order to allow tourists to play safely on the beautiful ferris wheel big wheel, we need to provide strong technical support behind the scenes.

This rotary oval gondola is different from the traditional hanging gondola, which can rotate 360°, carry the weight of 28 people, and integrate entertainment and safety. After several years of dedicated design and development, production and debugging, and the introduction of advanced European technical support, we are committed to providing you with the best products.

This gondola is used on a large new ferris wheel big wheel. In the future, the New York ferris wheel, the Kolkata ferris wheel in India, and the Hangzhou ferris wheel will use this gondola. In addition to sightseeing, it can also be used for parties, dinners, meetings, etc. In the future, even it can be used for accommodation.

Ⅱ. The JUMA rotary ferris wheel will bring you a different view

Take the new ferris wheel big wheel and enjoy the sunshine at a height of 100 meters. The tempered glass with no dead ends will create a romantic viewing spot for you. It will always keep balance and stability during the rotation and rise, so you can rest assured that your children can sit in the gondola of the ferris wheel with no danger. Expect your whole family can look at happiness and joy in the slowly rising ferris wheel, giving you a wonderful skyfall ride.

Night scene light effect:

It has a very futuristic and fashionable appearance. Thanks to the shape of the space capsule, it can show a sense of fashion technology during the day. And at night, with rotating light irradiation, it looks like a real flying saucer in rotation.

The interior decoration equipment has a sense of technology in the era: silver-gray carpets, silver-white wall tables and chairs, black and white vertical and horizontal glass, dazzling blue top lighting. The large space and streamlined seat design make you feel like you are in a machine that travels through time and space. The gondola that integrates beauty and technology fully allows you to enjoy the moment of the ferris wheel without worry.

1. About JUMA

We are China's most professional ferris wheel big wheel construction master - Zhejiang Juma Amusement Equipment, specializing in the production of large and medium-sized amusement facilities, and we are a provincial-level emerging technology-based backbone enterprise integrating garden planning, design and construction.

2. What are our advantages?

Our types of amusement rides have the advantages of unique design, novel shape, stable performance, reliable quality, exquisite workmanship, good safety and strong entertainment. Using European technology, we have a long-term strategic partnership with starneth, the supplier of the London Eye, the 190-meter New York flywheel, and the 210-meter Dubai Eye.

3. What is our guarantee?

We have the state-issued Large-scale Amusement Facility Manufacturing and Installation (A-level) License, and have passed the sampling inspection by the State Technical Supervision Bureau for 5 consecutive years.

4. What is our promise?

JUMA amusement facilities integrate the essence of similar products at home and abroad. Since the establishment of the factory, there has never been any quality or safety accident, which truly reflects the purpose of JUMA. We put quality first and we are customer satisfaction-oriented.