Mini Ferris Wheel

Mini Ferris Wheel

The Mini Ferris Wheel is miniature equipment with a height under 30 meters.

Mini Ferris Wheel For Sale

  • 32m Miniature Ferris Wheel
    The 32 meters Ferris wheel is a popular product designed and manufactured by Juma.
  • 25m Mobile Ferris Wheel
    As the latest large-scale innovation product launched by our company, the 25 meters Ferris wheel is an amusement machine rotating around the horizontal axis.

Overview of Mini Ferris Wheel

With its adorable and novel design, mini Ferris Wheels have been extremely popular and widely used around the world. Mini Ferris Wheels are ideal choices for the small theme parks, general urban complexes, or even a city business circle. With relatively little capital investment, a miniature Ferris wheel brings a lot of passenger flow and business opportunities as well.

Advantages of Miniature Ferris Wheel

With its beautiful shape and artistic appearance, the miniature Ferris wheel for sale is especially attractive to children. For example, the cabin of the 25 meters Ferris Wheel is designed as a flower basket instead of a regular shape. Children and even adults are drawn to creative design. Mini Ferris Wheels need a relatively small occupying area, which is important when the installation range is limited. Solid steel structures and qualified motors are also used on the miniature Ferris wheel to make sure safety and long-term service.

Features of Mini Ferris Wheel

The mini-size Ferris wheel is popular with children, so it is often regarded as a staple in theme parks and amusement parks. When children want to ride a big Ferris wheel for sale, they have to be with their parents. Therefore, the mini Ferris wheel is designed to satisfy children's desire to ride alone. Children always want to experience something new in the theme park. In addition, the mini-size Ferris wheels always have different colours and themes which can attract children's attention. The miniature Ferris wheel is loved by children all over the world for its attractive appearance and child-friendly height and speed. What's more, due to its compact size, this Ferris wheel is suitable for indoor and outdoor theme parks and amusement parks. So if you want to add more appeal to the children's section of your theme parks and amusement parks, the small Ferris wheel is a perfect choice. Juma has high quality and portable miniature Ferris wheel for sale, consult us if interested.