Optimization of Outdoor Giant Ferris Wheel Installation

Optimization of Outdoor Giant Ferris Wheel Installation

As businesses give the ferris wheel an sense of romance, it is becoming more and more popular, especially among some young people. At the same time, the issue of its safety has attracted more and more attention. Therefore, it is necessary to further optimize the ferris wheel project, and propose new optimization schemes in terms of structural system, materials and construction methods.

1. The structural system of the giant ferris wheel

The most basic thing is to improve the truss and cable system. Secondly, it is necessary to find materials that are more suitable for the structure of the roulette with large diameter and high height, and use a more economical and safer structure system.

2. The material selection of the giant ferris wheel

Never use the inferior materials and construction technology. Some high-strength materials should be used to increase the force strength of structural members so that the comfort level of the giant ferris wheel can be elevated.

3. The construction and installation of giant ferris wheel

As the size of the ferris wheel increases, the difficulty of high-altitude operations is also  under bigger challenges. Therefore, it is necessary to gradually improve the construction environment for workers, reduce the difficulty of construction, and further ensure the construction safety of workers.

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