Outdoor Amusement Rides Should Be Well Protected against Rain

Outdoor Amusement Rides Should Be Well Protected against Rain

Generally speaking, due to the influence of the weather, especially on rainy days, the passenger flow of outdoor amusement rides will decrease. At the same time, the amusement rides will be worn due to rain. This article will tell how the rain will affect the amusement rides.

1. If the motor of outdoor amusement rides is soaked by rainwater, the motor cannot be used, and the amusement equipment cannot be started.

2. A lot of lubricant needs to be added to the bearings of the amusement rides. These lubricants can make the amusement rides run smoothly. However, if it gets wet by rain, it will cause the lubricant to fail to work.

3. Long immersion time in the rain may cause corrosion of parts of outdoor amusement rides and rusting of the equipment.

Therefore, if the carnival amusement rides are soaked by rain, they must be dealt with in time:

1. If the outdoor amusement rides are soaked by rain, drain the water and dry outdoor amusement rides in the air to avoid following water erosion;

2. Check the every parts in the outdoor amusement rides to ensure that they are normal, and then the outdoor amusement rides can be re-run.

Zhejiang Juma Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. reminds the every amusement park operators that if you find outdoor theme park rides are soaked by rain, it is suggested to do the above handling in time. Only in this way can the performance and quality of outdoor amusement rides be guaranteed, and no safety problems would occur.