Outdoor Giant Ferris Wheel Repairman: Doctor in the Air

Outdoor Giant Ferris Wheel Repairman: Doctor in the Air

When the tourists take the outdoor giant Ferris wheels, they may not think that there are staff like doctors who perform Ferris wheel maintenance behind the normal operation of the amusement facilities. Sometimes these high-altitude doctors even need to climb as high as 20 floors to repair the bearings, which is admirable.


According to the understanding of Juma,as one of Ferris wheel manufacturers in China, the maintenance personnel of outdoor giant Ferris wheel will prepare safety locks, safety helmets and other protective equipments to climb to the center axle of the giant observation wheel for maintenance at least once a week. In summer, the maintenance work is very hard. The Ferris wheel is made of metal. Under the sun, the metal will heat up. Sometimes it will rise to over 40 ℃. Even if you wear gloves, you will feel burned, and it will be sweaty after maintenance in summer.


The maintenance personnel are not afraid of hardship and fatigue, so they have brought the stable operation of outdoor giant Ferris wheel. At the same time, the maintenance personnel also summed up the three words formula for maintenance, which is shared here to you:


1. Look: to see whether the surface of the amusement facilities is damaged and the screws are loose;


2. Listen: to listen whether there is abnormal noise when the bearing, hydraulic equipment, motor are working;


3. Touch: to touch whether there is abnormal temperature of the bearing and other equipment.