Problems and Maintenance of Hydraulic System of Large Outdoor Ferris Wheel

Problems and Maintenance of Hydraulic System of Large Outdoor Ferris Wheel

With the continuous improvement of the demand for viewing, the outdoor large Ferris wheel gradually develops to a higher height, which puts forward higher requirements for the stability and safety of the Ferris wheel drive. At present, most of the Ferris wheels are hydraulic drive systems. What problems should be paid attention to during installation and use? How to carry out daily maintenance? Let's take a look at the related introduction.

1. Problems that need to be paid attention to in the hydraulic system of outdoor large Ferris wheel

(1) Correctly install each component, connecting pipe, control valve, and electrical components as shown in the assembly drawing, and fasten all fixing screws.

(2) Before installing the hydraulic system of the outdoor large Ferris wheel, its joints, pipe fittings and the inner surface of the fuel tank must be cleaned.

(3) The selection of hydraulic oil should be based on the operating conditions of the equipment, and the anti-wear hydraulic oil that meets the local conditions should be selected.

(4) Except for special regulations, the inlet temperature of the hydraulic pump shall not exceed 60℃ when the ambient temperature of the place of use is the highest.

(5) The hydraulic system should not leak, and the pneumatic system should not have obvious air leakage.

(6) The user unit should strictly implement the annual inspection, monthly inspection and return inspection system of amusement facilities, and it is strictly forbidden to run with faults. The content of the security check includes:

a. The hydraulic system of the outdoor giant Ferris wheel for sale shall be comprehensively inspected once a year, a load test shall be carried out if necessary, and the safety and technical performance inspections of the lifting and running speed change mechanisms shall be carried out according to the rated speed, and shall be recorded and archived on the annual inspection record form. 

b. The monthly inspection items are generally various safety devices, power devices, transmission and braking systems, control circuits and electrical components, etc., and make records and archives on the monthly inspection record form.

2. Maintenance of hydraulic system of the outdoor large Ferris wheel

(1) When the frictional force of some parts is too large, the cylinder will produce insufficient thrust, so the overall cleanliness of the hydraulic system and hydraulic oil must be ensured during use to prevent mechanical iron filings and other debris from mixing, so the hydraulic cylinder, Quality control is carried out during the production of parts such as pistons and piston rods, and the surface roughness has certain requirements.

(2) The hydraulic system needs to be cleaned regularly. The cycle is about one year. Generally, test oil is used for cleaning, and kerosene, gasoline, alcohol and other liquids cannot be used.

(3) During the cleaning process of the hydraulic system of the outdoor giant Ferris wheel, the oil pipe and oil cylinder can be hit with a rubber hammer, which can speed up the removal of grease and other objects in the pipeline.

(4) After cleaning, the cleaning oil in the circuit must be removed.