102m Wonder Wheel Ride

102m Wonder Wheel Ride

Location: Nantong/Dafeng


Ferris wheels, like the great theatres, galleries and city sculptures that have sprung up, have become must-haves for any ambitious city. Every year, the number and height of ferris wheels are almost renewed. From big cities like Paris, Tokyo, Washington and Hong Kong to the regional cities, ferris wheel has been built everywhere, regardless of its size.

The ferris wheel is a city landmark, an architectural work of art and a tourist project. In this era of rapid dissemination of information, a good product spread will be well-known immediately in the whole world. As a giant ferris wheel, the 102 meter is a great choice for both megacities and developing city which need more attention from the world.


A Ferris wheel can be regarded as the landmark of a city, a piece of architectural art, as well as a tourism destination. Now we are in the middle of an information era, where a good product will be quickly acknowledged by people around the world. 

A Ferris wheel is a facility consisting of a rotating upright wheel with multiple passenger-carrying components attached to the rim. A wonder wheel ride 102m help you see a better and broader view from a higher place. As passengers rise in gondolas, they can overlook the whole city. The giant Ferris wheel is one of the three most common and essential amusement rides (the other two are rollercoaster and carousel) in a theme park or an amusement park, but also sometimes it is installed in other places, functioning as an observation platform. It can be divided into two categories: the gravity-oriented Ferris wheels and observation wheels. In the former one, as the wheels turns, gondolas are kept upright by gravity while the latter one has gondolas mounted on the outside of the rim, with complicated link mechanism to independently rotate each gondola to keep it upright.