108m Ferris Wheel Landmark

108m Ferris Wheel Landmark

  • Ferris Wheel 108m in Kunming Ferris Wheel 108m in Kunming
    The 108 meters Ferris wheel, known as the Eye of Dianchi, in located in Kunming, Yunnan province.
  • Ferris Wheel 108m in Xining Ferris Wheel 108m in Xining
    As the most eye-catching scenery along the Huangshui River, the 108 meters Ferris wheel is located in Xining city, Qinghai province. Also called the Eye of Qinghai, it has a total of 56 boxes.

Description of Ferris Wheel 108m

Many people think that the Ferris wheel turns, and that is very close to the stars. The stars can hear the wishes of the people and then help people to realize them. So sitting on the Ferris wheel is equivalent to touching happiness, because that is the closest place to hope. People have always had a good idea of the Ferris wheel. When night falls, the Ferris wheel —the eye of Dianchi—changes the light, and gave us a colorful dream. Because the giant observation wheel takes the couple high above the ground as if isolated from the rest of the world, it creates a sense of isolation for the couple in the car, and in this case, the distance between them is closer, which makes the confession more romantic. Many people choose to show their love in the Ferris wheel.

Features of Ferris Wheel 108m

The largest shaft-less Ferris wheel in the world which called the Eye of Qinghai. The beautiful Ferris wheel developed and manufactured by JUMA CHIAN. The construction of this axle-less Ferris wheel has undergone several twists and turns. JUMA held three expert demonstration meetings successively and invited more than 70 well-known experts from home and abroad to participate. The first two meetings were rejected, and the third one was successfully passed. The linkage model of the shapeless Ferris wheel is a new topic. In order to find a suitable Ferris wheel walking wheel material, JUMA tested more than 20 kinds of materials at home and abroad. It was finally determined after more than 500 tests. To ensure the wheel's safety, JUMA used special steel which is six times stronger than ordinary steel.

The Ferris Wheel is a big wheel of the mechanical ride which is created by the amusement ride manufacturer. There are many cabins (we often call it the Gondola) hanging on the edge of the wheel which is provided for passengers. Each of the cabins which are filled with passengers will rising up slowly and then present the passengers with a great view of the scenery. We often see Ferris wheels in the amusement/ theme parks, carnivals, and funfairs. Ferris wheel rides for sale are popularly used in these places.