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120m Observation Wheel with Panoramic Capsule

120m Observation Wheel with Panoramic Capsule

Name: 120M Ferris Wheel

Location: Dezhou,China

Description of 120M Ferris Wheel

As the highest Ferris wheel in north China, the 120 meters Ferris wheel is located in Dezhou city, Shandong Province. It has 60 panoramic capsules that remain constant temperature to ensure the comfort of 400 passengers. When night falls, the Ferris wheel lights up the city's most beautiful skyline with LED lighting system, showing its extraordinary charm. In order to build a relaxing environment in the capsule, soft leather seats and round coffee tables are equipped. Besides, two 15-inch video televisions and air conditioners also make the capsule as well as the Ferris wheel more high-end.

Technical Parameters of 120M Ferris Wheel

Total height120m
Number of cabins48
Occupied area105m*85m
120m Observation Wheel with Panoramic Capsule
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