128m Ferris Wheel with Customized Capsule

128m Ferris Wheel with Customized Capsule

Description of 128M Ferris Wheel

The 128 meters Ferris wheel, installed in Shenzhen is a brand-new and innovative product of our company. As the most top-level Ferris wheel, it carries the height of urban civilization and will stand out among all other Ferris wheels currently operating in China. As a new symbolism of Shenzhen, the 128-meter Ferris wheel stands on the world bay to reconstruct the skyline of Shenzhen. As the landmark of the city, it brings us infinite imagination space.

Imported from abroad, each capsule of giant observation wheel can accommodate 25 persons and has theme functions such as holding a sky wedding. The net area of a capsule is 16.8 square meters. Each capsule has its own air-conditioning system including heating and cooling. Height, weather, and temperature will appear on the glass of capsule to make sure passengers have a better ride experience. Customized playback systems, high-speed wireless networks, and other equipment meet the needs of video and live to broadcast. Passengers can also connect to the music playback system via Bluetooth. The LED screen is embedded in the capsule, and live interaction with other capsules can also be achieved. Besides, 6 theme capsules are built, including the VIP capsule for honorable experience, the wedding capsule for romance, and even the food capsule for a prepared dinner party.

As a modern Ferris wheel, it has regular spokes that seem like a huge light screen in the sky from a distance. In order to fully guarantee the safety, the wind-resistant design standard of the 128 meters Ferris wheel is once in a hundred years. The Ferris wheel has already become the first wind-tunnel validated Ferris wheel in China.

Technical Parameters of 128M Ferris Wheel

Total equipment height128 m
Capsule typelarge rotary type (the first in China)
Running time30 minutes/
Capsule number28
Capacity25 persons/capsule
128m Ferris Wheel with Customized Capsule