133m Theme Park Ferris Wheel

133m Theme Park Ferris Wheel

Name:133m Ferris Wheel

Location:WuHu,AnHui Provnice,China

Description of 133M Ferris Wheel

As the master architect Paul Andrew said, “Architecture is a human memory”, every city has the landmark of its own. More or less over the years, the landmark witnesses the changes and development of the city. The 133 meters Ferris wheel, as the landmark of Wuhu city, Anhui province, is called affectionately the Eye of Wuhu. The 133 meters Ferris wheel is a great customized product designed and manufactured entirely according to customer needs. It is the first and highest theming Ferris wheel in the world that takes inspiration from squirrels, the highest spoke Ferris wheel in China and the first spoke Ferris wheel worldwide with light show on spokes.

The 133 meters Ferris wheel is installed in a squirrel theme park. Relying on the vision of building the giant Ferris wheel into a three-dimensional display of squirrel's unique 2.5-dimensional world, our designers integrated squirrel elements and natural ecology to make the appearance of the Ferris wheel into a towering ancient tree. The ancient tree is laden with fruit and its acorn-shaped cabin is a symbol of love. The completion of the themed design and packaging also means that in the future, the squirrel Ferris wheel will become the world's tallest in the themed packaging Ferris wheel.

In addition to the unique appearance design, the 133 meters theme park Ferris wheel has many other advantages which further bring tourists the most extremely rich experience. Cabins are equipped with the servo drive system to prevent the shaking. The hardware equipment such as wi-fi, air conditioning, luxury seats, and tables are also equipped to allow passengers to enjoy a comfortable journey in the air.

Technical Parameters of 133M Ferris Wheel

Constructionsingle side single pillar, two cables, spoke type wheel
Total height133m
Runner diameter123m
The number of cabins48sets(8persons/set)
Occupied area105m*85m
133m Theme Park Ferris Wheel