145m Spokeless/Shaftless Ferris Wheel

145m Spokeless/Shaftless Ferris Wheel

Description of 145M Ferris Wheel

As the world's largest spokeless/shaftless Ferris Wheel (recognized by the Guinness World Record in 2018), the Bohai Eye which is 145 meters high (475ft-tall) with a completely hollow center is located in East China’s Weifang city, Shandong province. The wheel is named after the Bohai Sea, the northernmost coastal sea in china, along which Weifang city is built. Different from the most existing giant observation wheel in operation worldwide, the Bohai Eye, certified by the Guinness Book of World Records as the highest Ferris wheel built onto a bridge, is integrated with the 540-meter-long (1,771-foot-long) Bailang River Bridge.

Thousands of tons of steel were used to create the latticed tube of the giant wheel’s rim. The crisscrossing steel beams also called ‘dragon spine’, hold the main structure, provide mammoth supports, and make the theme park Ferris wheel itself into a beautiful, attractive landscape. The complex architecture is vital for pulling off the shaftless design and eventually presenting a futuristic and high-tech overall appearance.

As the world's first spokeless Ferris wheel with grid design, the Bohai Eye is 10 meters (32 feet) taller than the iconic, cantilevered 'London Eye' in the British capital. All tourists will enjoy an unparalleled birds-eye views of the Bohai Gulf estuary during the 28-minute round (literally) trip. The Bohai Eye is not just a landmark of Weifang city but has brought enormous economic benefits to the region, which further increases citizens' happiness and life satisfaction.

Technical Parameters of 145M Ferris Wheel

Total height:145m
Runner diameter:125m
The number of cabins:36sets
Driving mode:Electric friction wheel
Floor area:80m*90m
Cabin:360° transparent and panoramic spherical cabin
145m Spokeless/Shaftless Ferris Wheel