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165m Rotating Ferris Wheel

165m Rotating Ferris Wheel

Name:165m Ferris Wheel

Location:HangZhou,ZheJiang Provnice,China

Description of 165M Ferris Wheel

The 165 meters Ferris wheel is a newly developed product of our company. It contains a large rotating wheel with a diameter of about 160 meters and is installed on two large stands which are shaped like sails of a boat. It looks like a huge ship sailing out to sea, carrying a huge colorful windmill. This Ferris wheel contains 32 gondolas with a total capacity of 896 passengers. In particular, city governments always like the design of the 165 meters Ferris wheel which represents smooth sailing of the urban development.

Technical Parameters of 165M Ferris Wheel

ConstructionSpoke type, friction wheel driving
Total height165m
Runner diameter157m
The number of cabins32sets
Passengers896 persons
CabinRotary type, including super deluxe decoration, with air condition, video, light decoration, wireless intercom, music, fire extinguisher, automatic opening and closing door, etc.
165m Rotating Ferris Wheel
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