25m Mobile Ferris Wheel

25m Mobile Ferris Wheel

Name: 25m Ferris Wheel

Location: Indonesia

Description of 25M FERRIS WHEEL

As the latest large-scale innovation product launched by our company, the 25 meters Ferris wheel is an amusement machine rotating around the horizontal axis. With the beautiful shape and artistic appearance, the 25 meters Ferris wheel integrates practicability and beauty, greatly enhancing the attractiveness to tourists.

The miniature Ferris wheel consists of a rotating wheel with a diameter of 22 meters and huge pillars. 16 cabins are evenly distributed on the wheel. Designed as baskets of flowers hanging in the air, cabins become key elements appealing to both children and adults. In this case, the 25 meters Ferris wheel is also called a flower basket type Ferris wheel. Each flower basket, designed and approved for carrying 4 persons, slowly rotates along with the wheel. The linear velocity is 12 meters/min. With the rotation of the Ferris wheel, Passengers sitting in the flower basket gradually widen vision and can enjoy the city scenery. When night falls, the Ferris wheel will become more dazzling since colorful LED lights are installed on the wheel.

The equipment is reasonable in structure and easy to maintain. All the safety and technical indicators are in line with the national regulations on technical supervision of amusement facilities safety and gb18164-2000 general technical conditions for theme park Ferris wheel, as well as the relevant national technical standards. The equipment can be installed in the city square and all kinds of amusement parks or theme parks. The equipment must operate under the condition of no precipitation and can resist the strong wind of grade 8-10.

Technical Parameters of 25M Ferris Wheel

Cabin:Flower basket type
Total height:24.8m
The number of cabins:16 sets (4persons/set)
Passengers:64 persons
Driving power:14KW
Occupied area:23.8m*13.8m