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32m Ferris Wheel in Guangzhou

32m Ferris Wheel in Guangzhou

Name: 32m Ferris Wheel

Location: GuangZhou,GuangDong Province,China

Description of 32m Ferris Wheel

The 32m Butterfly Ferris wheel, designed and manufactured by us, is the first basket-shaped Ferris wheel with butterfly theme. The design of butterflies and flowers on the turntable highlights the theme of the park. At a height of 32 meters, 20 cabins rotate slowly. Visitors enjoy the surrounding scenery in the cabin and have a happy time. When the light of the Ferris wheel on, the "butterfly" at night attracts more attentions from tourists and local people.

Technical Parameters of 32m Ferris Wheel

Number of cabin:20
Number of passengers:80
Theoretical number of passengers:720 / hour

32m Ferris Wheel in Guangzhou