32m Ferris Wheel in Shaoxing

32m Ferris Wheel in Shaoxing

Name: 32m Ferris Wheel

Location: GuangZhou,GuangDong Province,China

Description of 32m Ferris Wheel

Ferris wheels are the most spectacular large amusement equipment at home and abroad. As the landmark equipment of the amusement park, a Ferris wheel is an amusement machine rotating around the horizontal axis. The 32 meters Ferris wheel is a popular product designed and manufactured by us. The Ferris wheel contains a large rotating wheel with a diameter of about 29.3 meters and is mounted on two tall columns. From a distance, it looks like a huge colorful windmill rotating slowly with 20 hanging gondolas. The shape of the gondola is beautiful, like a crystal pearl mounted on the outer edge of the big wheel. Because of the slow speed (velocity 0.21m/s), passengers waiting to board on the platform can safely step on the cabin.

The 32 meters Ferris wheel is a great choice for amusement parks and theme parks. The proper height and great appearance of the Ferris wheel are attractive to tourists, including both children and adults.

Technical Parameters of 32m Ferris Wheel

Construction:Truss type
Total height:32m
Runner diameter:27.5m
The number of cabins:20sets(4persons/set)
Passengers:80 persons
Driving power:15KW
Occupied area:20m*20m