32m Miniature Ferris Wheel

32m Miniature Ferris Wheel

  • 32m Ferris Wheel in Shaoxing 32m Ferris Wheel in Shaoxing
    Ferris wheels are the most spectacular large amusement equipment at home and abroad. As the landmark equipment of the amusement park, a Ferris wheel is an amusement machine rotating around the horizontal axis.
  • 32m Ferris Wheel in Guangzhou 32m Ferris Wheel in Guangzhou
    The 32m Butterfly Ferris wheel, designed and manufactured by us, is the first basket-shaped Ferris wheel with butterfly theme.


The Ferris Wheel 32m, a popular carnival Ferris wheel for sale designed and manufactured by Juma, boasts its beautiful and pearl-like gondolas. It runs slowly, so passengers can safely get on board. 


1. Some different elements can also be added to this superb Ferris wheel, like a butterfly appearance, fascinating illuminations, single-arm supporting structures, and cartoon-style gondolas. Together with some beautiful background music, the whole Ferris wheel ride is turned into a romantic and happy scene that impresses passers-by.

2. The 32m miniature Ferris wheel cannot provide you with the whole city view, but it shows you a good view of a park or square. Therefore, it is a good choice if your child wants to take a far-sighted view alone.

3. These types of Ferris wheels don't occupy too much land and has an original design, unique structure, and wonderful appearances, so it is common in parks and amusement parks in cities of all sizes.