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56m Round Wheel Ride

56m Round Wheel Ride

Name: 56m Ferris Wheel

Location: ChangSha,HuNan Province,China

Description of 56M Ferris Wheel

The 56 meters Ferris Wheel, compared with the common Ferris wheel, has a nonbuilding structure with a brand-new design consisting of a rotating upright wheel with 30 gondolas that carry passengers. The special part of the 56 meters Ferris Wheel is that it is designed as a huge clock and installed on the rooftop of a building with a height of 38.5 meters. As a landmark of the city, it not just attracts tourists to take a ride, but also tells citizens the local time accurately. In addition, it takes 13 minutes and 14 seconds for the wheel to rotate in a circle, which is romantic and worth experiencing together especially for people who are in love. During the design process, we considered the weight of the equipment and wind load and surveyed the bearing capacity of the foundation to make sure it can be safely installed at the rooftop. For a 56 meters Ferris wheel, the distance 56 meters is between gondolas and the ground, and the diameter of the wheel is around 48 meters. 30 gondolas are mounted on the rim of the wheel, and each gondola accommodates 6 persons. The capacity of the small Ferris wheel at one time is 180 passengers. All gondolas keep upright by gravity when the wheel turns. Air-conditioners and LED lights can always be added to make the Ferris Wheel more attractive.

Technical Parameters of 56M Ferris Wheel

Constructioncombined type wheel
Cabin360° transparent and panoramic spherical cabin, including air-condition, video, wireless intercom, Wi-Fi, fire extinguisher, etc.
Total height56m
Runner diameter53m
The number of cabins30sets(6persons/set)
Driving power7.5×4=30kw
Occupied area28×28m

56m Round Wheel Ride