59 Meters Beautiful Island Ferris Wheel Ride

59 Meters Beautiful Island Ferris Wheel Ride

Name: 59m Ferris Wheel

Location: Turkey

Description of 59M Ferris Wheel

The 59 meters Ferris wheel adopts the new design concept. The tower of the wheel is formed by four steel pipes on one side which stands on the top of a building with a height of 43.73 meters. With a diameter of 50.2 meters, the big wheel is installed on the top of the column. It has 30 gondolas with a total capacity of 180 passengers. Since the lighting system is always an important element to make the small Ferris wheel more attractive, we provide different designs of lighting systems for customers to choose from.

Technical Parameters of 59M Ferris Wheel

Constructionsuspension spoke type wheel
CabinAluminum alloy cabin
The number of cabins30 sets(6persons/set)
Passengers180 persons
Total power71.6KW
Floor area33m*33