Alpine Coaster

Alpine Coaster

Name: Alpine Coaster

Location: ZhengZhou, HeNan Province,China

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Description of Alpine Coaster for Sale

Alpine Coaster is a new type of slide developed recently after the groove stainless steel slide which has been popular. It has many unique advantages in addition to the exciting and reliable characteristics of the grooved slide. For example, the pulley of the alpine coaster has two brake handles; Automatic lifting system is equipped; Operation is not affected by weather; Absolutely safety on curves; Automatic storage return system; Pulley is equipped with safety belt, which is safer for tourists; Easy to disassemble and assemble.

Technical Parameters of Alpine Coaster for Sale

Max speed50km/h
Transmission capacity>120 persons/hour
Traction power7.5-20kw
Operation modeelectric power/no power