Amusement Park Monorail

Amusement Park Monorail

Name:Amusement Park Monorail

Location:ShaoXing,ZheJiang Province,China

Description of Amusement Park Monorail

Monorail, as a special transportation tool in a scenic areas, not only undertakes the function of transportation but also enables tourists to enjoy the scenery along the way. Some sightseeing trains can also provide leisure services. On the elevated track, passengers of all ages can enjoy the scenery of the park.

Features of Amusement Park Monorail

These days, an increasing number of technologies find their applications in design of amusement rides as they continue to develop, making equipment more diversified and safer. Speaking of Amusement Theme Park Monorail, it is a kind of sightseeing monorail designed for short-distance transportation in scenic spots, amusement parks, and shopping malls, etc. Therefore, it is a perfect choice to be the element integrated with those areas without taking any floor space. It could be the way of transportation between scenic spots, and scenic spots and cities, or in the shopping malls, indoor amusement parks, and ordinary houses.

Among so many parts, the guiding device, a factor of a smooth and comfortable ride, is the most important one in a monorail for theme parks, because it provides steady movement and prevents rollovers. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a safe and reliable guiding device with compact structures and all-round functions.

Technical Parameters of Amusement Park Monorail

Operation modeReciprocating
Rated Passengers32