Bumper Car

Bumper Car

Name: Bumper Car

Location:JiangSu Province,China

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Description of Bumper Car

A bumper car is motorized equipment operating in an indoor space. An electric grid on the ceiling is needed. The cars are surrounded by aprons made of rubber to reduce the impact and protect passengers and powered by vertical poles that connect to the ceiling. The car usually seats two persons at most and has a pedal for acceleration and a steering wheel for steering.

Features of Bumper Car

The bumper car is a type of amusement rides consisting of enclosures and several small electrically powered cars which draw power from the ceiling grid. The floor is a special customized metal or concrete floor (with scattered graphite). A bumper car ride for sale is designed for one or two people and equipped with rubber protection, an accelerator pedal, and a steering wheel.

The ceiling grid is also called the sky-net grid. It is a power supply network placed on a large insulating plate and is composed of strip-shaped conductors. It also has some bus bars, each of which connected to the right polarity, and two adjacent bars has opposite electrical polarity. When an object is moving in this network, it can draw electrical signals from the network via a sliding contact set. This network—the ceiling grid can be directly applied to power bumper cars in amusement parks, and the enclosure adopting this power supply method can directly use the ordinary floor, instead of laying steel plates on the ground.

The rule of the bumper cars is quite simple: the driver who first finishes laps is the winner of the game, during which bumping is allowed. When time is up, the operator will turn off the whole system remotely. The speed of bumper cars is slow, therefore, even bumping happens, drivers and cars will not be hurt.  

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Technical Parameters of Bumper Car

Number of cars5-20
Occupied area159-456 square meters