Description of Carousel

Carousel is a traditional garden and amusement park rides, welcomed by the majority of young tourists since its inception. Knowing that the carousel is the most popular and necessary equipment in amusement parks and theme parks all over the world, we revamp the traditional structure and optimizes the design of the dated carousel. The brand-new carousel is best known for luxury and beauty. Equipped with colorful LED lights, coupled with passionate music, the luxury carousel, especially those with double layers, deeply attracts the attention of tourists. When the equipment runs, the platform rotates, and the lovely horse rises and drops like fairy tales in the spirit.

The fairground carousel for sale is a kind of amusement equipment for all ages. It can be installed not only in theme parks but also in other crowded areas like shopping malls. No child will refuse the attraction of the carousel. The carousel in a mall, in this case, provides a great opportunity for parents to have a break when they go shopping with children.

Features of Carousel

Featured by splendid decoration, colorful lights, and moving horses, carousels are extremely popular amusement rides in a carnival. You will find yourself in fairylands when surrounded by beautiful music and lifelike horses.

Taking a ride on a carousel may be a dream for children around the world. Therefore, carousels attract the largest number of children in amusement parks, calling for high safety requirements for related devices. Among those devices, the electric motor is the most important one because it needs to have stable performance, no matter in acceleration, deceleration, and output torque.  

Carousels, as one of the most traditional amusement park rides, are something for every generation and will never fade away despite their fast development. Maybe the reason behind it is carousels have such attractive appearances, gorgeous lights, and wonderful music, which highlights the importance of the overall design of each carousel. 

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