Electric Train Ride

Electric Train Ride

Name:Electric Train Ride

Location:FuYang,AnHui Province,China

Description of Electric Train Ride

Electric Train Ride is a mature and long-lived amusement equipment in our company. With a locomotive and several carriages, the Electric Train Ride is widely used in parks, major scenic spots. Passengers enjoy the scenery as they take the train. People at all ages and both sexes prefer to take the Electric Train Ride instead of walking around the scenic area. With the archaize appearance, the Electric Train Ride itself becomes a landscape and attracts tourists in all directions.

Features of Electric Train Ride

With pneumatic tires, electric train rides are trackless train rides designed for sightseeing in scenic spots, parks, kindergartens and shopping malls. Compared with track trains, the trackless ones have shorter manufacturing cycle and lower manufacturing costs. Also, as one of the distinctive vehicles in scenic spots, they are important in transportation and attracting tourists. Their tracks are made of standard steels, their designs could be adjusted to actual needs, and they are powered by electricity from the track, which gains electricity from supporting devices. The electric train ride is a perfect choice to connect different areas in a scenic spot, especially in a big one, whose accessibility will be greatly improved. Therefore, together with other kinds of vehicles, electric trains could contribute to an effective transportation system in scenic spots.

Technical Parameters of Electric Train Ride

Rated passengers84 persons
Track distance620mm
Min turning radius12m
Max speed10km/h